August 22, 2019

The Best Kept Secrets For Selling Your Home In Sunrise FL

Price It Right

Before you put your home on the market, you need to find out what it is worth and then take 15% to 20% off this price. This will help you get more offers on your home even in the worse real estate markets. When you get multiple offers, the price will be pushed up to what the property is worth. This is a strategy that many people avoid because it does take courage and it can be risky, but it is also one of the best ways to get a sale.

Half-Empty The Closets

Every buyer that comes to your home will look for storage and your home will never have enough of this. To make your storage spaces appear larger, you need to half-empty the closets. What remains in the closet should be organized. Potential homebuyers are going to snoop and open all of your closets and cabinets so make sure they are clean and tidy.

Turn On The Lights

You need to boost the light in your home. Good lighting is one of the priorities for many buyers after the location of the property. To maximize your light, you need to remove heavy curtains, clean the windows and change your lampshades to something brighter. You can also use lightbulbs with higher wattage to make them more effective. You need to do whatever you can to make your home brighter and cheery because it will help you sell.

Play The Agent Field

Having the wrong broker can kill your property sale which is why you need to choose a broker that is properly informed. The agent should monitor the MLS, know what properties will be on the market and the competition you have in the neighborhood. Your agent should also embrace technology because this can impact the sale of your home.

Keep Pets Away

You may love your pets, but there is no guarantee that your potential buyers will. There are many buyers who are put off by dogs and cats. These buyers will also not want to walk into your home and see a full bowl of pet food or smell your cat litter. They also do not want to have pet hair stuck to their clothing when they leave. Pet smells and accessories can make buyers think your home is not clean and if you plan an open house, you need to take your pet somewhere else for the day.

Do Not Over Upgrade

While quick fixes will pay off when it comes to selling, a huge remodel will not. In these cases, you are not going to make your money back and you could end up losing money on the sale. If you need to upgrade your home, you should focus on the upgrades that will get you a good return. These upgrades include a fresh coat of paint, new curtains and replacing door handles. Kitchen cabinets can be upgraded and you need to fix any leaking faucets and clean the grout.

Get Rid Of Personal Effects

When you sell your home, you need to de-personalize it. All the personal items in your home will make it harder for potential buyers to see themselves in the house. It is recommended that you get rid of a third of your personal items and place them in storage. This will include memorabilia collections, personal keepsakes, and family photos. You should also consider hiring a stager who will maximize the potential of your home and arrange your furniture to best showcase the space and floor-plan of your home.

The Importance Of The Kitchen

A lot of agents believe that you are not selling your home, you are selling your kitchen. This is due to the importance of the room. There are endless benefits to remodeling the kitchen and you are likely to get 85% of the costs back when you sell. Replacing the countertops could set you back a few thousand, but a buyer could drop their offer price by $10,000 if your kitchen looks dated.

The most inexpensive and fastest kitchen upgrade will be painting and new cabinet hardware. A neutral color should be used to provide buyers with a blank canvas that they can transform into their own. If you have a little extra money to spend, you can buy one stainless steel appliance. You only need one because buyers will see this one high-end appliance and assume the rest were expensive as well.

Always Be Ready For Viewings

You need to ensure that your home is viewing ready at all times because you never know when a buyer will come to see it. You also need to be available when they want to see the house and you do not want to rush around to get it ready. Your sink should never have dishes in them and your dishwasher should be cleaned out. The bathroom needs to sparkle and dust bunnies should always be removed from corners. While this can be a little inconvenient, it will help you sell.

First Impressions Matter

The first impression a buyer has of your home is the lasting one and you need to make it count. The interior of your home could be amazing, but if the outside lets you down you will have a problem selling. To make the best impression, you need to spruce up the exterior with some inexpensive plants and flowers. If your home has curb appeal, you will generally get a better return on the property.

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